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International University of Malaya – Wales

Project Description

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is a private university located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. IUMW was established based on a mutual partnership between the University of Malaya (UM) & the University of Wales, UK. Leveraging on both universities’ outstanding achievement, together with our own band of academicians, IUMW offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to both local and international students.

IUMW aspires to be a comprehensive research-informed university, recognised for its innovative teaching and learning, social services and education management. The International University of Malaya-Wales experience transforms students into lifelong learners, dedicated to service, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed and lead in the region, state, nation and world.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be an exemplary and innovative international higher education renowned for its graduates who are relevant to the global demands and create value for the open and collaborative world of business, social science, arts, science and technology.

Our Mission
Our mission is to sustain a university whose distinctive brand epitomises world-class excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation. Our graduates are our brand ambassadors who will be the driving forces of both local and global marketplaces.

Core Values
In our endeavour to realise our vision and mission, these core values guide us:

  • Adopting sustainable development as a central organising principle for its activities
  • Being innovative and enterprising
  • Being relevant to remain at the forefront
  • Being honest and trustworthy in our dealings with stakeholders
  • Delivering quality and excellence with pride
  • Respecting others to inspire them to deliver their best

Why Study with us?
Owned by University of Malaya & University of Wales

The two universities have more than 200 years of combined academic experience and excellence. IUMW has experts and professionals in relevant fields to update our modules and course structures of our programmes.

Option for Dual Award*
Qualified IUMW students are able to opt for dual awards whereby graduates of dual award programmes will receive a parchment from both IUMW and the University of Wales. IUMW students can also participate in the student exchange programme which provides them the opportunity to study at the University of Wales in the UK.

Access to UM’s library & resources
IUMW provides its students unparalleled resources in support ot their studies. All IUMW students have the privilege to access the extensive and popular resources across the University of Malaya: unmatched libraries, sports facilities, laboratories, and other facilities at no cost.

International & research-informed university
IUMW aspires to be a leading research-oriented university which combines a strong international profile with an unswerving commitment to the economic and social developement in South East Asia.

Gain recognized qualifications
All our academic programmes are recognised by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Education. All our courses are validated and some are specifically accredited by professional bodies such as ACCA.

Quality teaching & learning
IUMW is the first university in South East Asia to be accepted as a member of the United Kingdom’s Higher Education Academy (HEA), a renowned British body for learning and teaching in higher education. Lecturers at IUMW are well known experts of their chosen fields. Their engagement with research enables students to have an advanced understanding of their subject discipline. Their knowledge and expertise help students to understand the concepts of their chosen subject well.

Vibrant campus life
With such a plethora of facilities and opportunities of different experiences, students of IUMW can be assured of a vibrant campus life. Different communities at IUMW provide students a wonderful experience, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for students who are living away from the first time. Opportunities are provided for students to get to know each other and tutors to get to know students individually. Thus, enables tutors to understand their students’ academic requirements and respond to them.

International University of Malaya - Wales Facilities

List of Courses

  • Administration Wing, Block A, City Campus, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 603 2617 3000
  • http://iumw.edu.my/