Funding Your Studies

Funding Your Studies

Don't worry about the costing. This might help you.

Planning to further your studies , but facing financial constraints?

Don’t let the cost of studies to bother you in furthering your studies. Here are several ways that might help you:


There is an abundance of scholarships available for postgraduate studies in Malaysia. These scholarships range from university fee rebates/discounts, university scholarship schemes, corporate-based scholarships to scholarships by foundations etc. For more information on scholarships currently available, refer to our Scholarship section here .

Financing From Employers

Employers do grant selected employees the benefit of pursuing an MBA course paid for by the company. Depending on the company and agreement made between employer-employee, employees would sometimes be allowed to pursue a full-time MBA course and some a part-time MBA course. Do check with your human development and resource department to weigh in on options available to you.

Government-Linked Financing

There are numerous government-linked entities which offer affordable study loans such as: 


The National Higher Education Fund

  • Commonly known in Malaysia at PTPTN is the most popular choice of education financing in Malaysia. PTPTN however, only finances Master level education at public universities and candidates must be 45 years of age and below to be eligible. For eligibility, refer to their website here.



  • Co-operative under the Malaysian Chinese Association offers affordable loans for candidates interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Established in the early 1980s, more than 10,000 students have benefited from this loan. Visit their website here for more information about the loans.



  • Was established under the 10th Malaysia Plan to finance students for postgraduate studies. This programme is a feeder programme to MyPhd where it aims to produce more than 60,000 PhD graduates in Malaysia by 2023. For eligibility, refer to their website here and to find out the approved list of institutions, refer here.


Skim Prihatin Pendidikan 1Malaysia (SPP1M)

  • A ‘top up’ based scheme for the funds or scholarships that are readily in the market that will benefit Malaysian students. This scheme is designed as an additional financial aid for students that are qualified to pursue their studies for Bachelors’ Degree or Master’s Degree in high quality universities locally. Find out more about the SPP1M scholarship here and check out all the application form here.

Personal Pension Fund

Apart from utilising funds from your personal savings, potential Malaysian candidates do have the option of utilising funds from their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Akaun 2 to finance their MBA studies. Application and withdrawals are now made very easy through the EPF corporate website here. Do also be sure to check if your intended institution of higher learning for an MBA is within EPF’s approve list here. Apart from withdrawing funds from Akaun 2 for the fees, candidates can also utilise the funds from Akaun 2 to reduce or to settle any outstanding study loans taken for the purpose of financing an education – refer to the approved list of financiers here.

Bank Borrowings

There is still that one option of obtaining a study loan from financial institutions. As most banks in Malaysia do not have a dedicated education loan (with the exception of OCBC Bank), education loans in Malaysia are still in the form of personal loans or hybrid-loans obtained from refinancing an existing asset. Check out a list of financial institutions here and the best offer rates.

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