Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

No ,our consultations and services are completely free of charge.

There’s no difference in term of course fee and promotion. Only difference is the extra services we provide. We ensure your application status is followed up closely, get the offer and EPF documents ready as soon as possible and provide good customer service until you graduate.

STUDYMASTERS specialize in providing consultation on postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD), thus we don’t usually cater for undergraduate courses.

No, STUDYMASTERS only consult clients on their postgraduate study plans, we don’t offer the courses ourselves as we are not an educational institution.

No, we also have programmes from overseas universities that can be completed locally in partnership of local institutions.

We only provide scholarship news and information in our Scholarship section of I-Learning. We don’t offer scholarship for students.

Most of our courses are accredited by MQA. We do feature some unaccredited courses but rest assured that they are legitimate courses from reputable institutions. Please compare the courses information for better view.

No. STUDYMASTERS does not offer free courses. But if you need some guide on choosing the right course based on your need, we are here to consult you for free.

Yes, you can use the savings in Account 2 of your Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Refer here for more information about education EPF withdrawals from KWSP.

It depends on the payment plan of each colleges or universities. Some of them accept the instalments by quarterly basis or monthly basis and some of them have come out with their schedule of payment plans for student.

Yes. We get all the courses information directly from the university to make sure you get the accurate information. No extra cost will be added for your course fees. We will also update the price whenever any discount or scholarship is available so that you can take advantage of the lower course fee.

To ensure get latest fees, please contact our consultant to get the latest payment plan.

We didn’t take any payment. We are here to consult you in choosing the best course to further your studies based on your personal qualifications, budget, and preference. STUDYMASTERS will find the best program currently available to match your exact requirements. Once you have your choice, we will consult you to the next step.

Yes. Certain courses have their own demo videos but some university just come out with general video about their university.

It depends on the universities. Some universities have already register with HRDF for their selected courses. You may speak with our consultants to help you find the HRDF Claimable Courses.

We are established in Malaysia since 2012. Read more info about us here.

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