Course - UNITEN Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Science Full-Time @ Putrajaya

UNITEN Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Science Full-Time @ Putrajaya

Doctoral programme in Industrial Science is typically designed for experienced chemists or aspiring college-level instructors. In programme, students conduct group research projects as well as complete courses in advanced topics.
Industrial science involves the development of commercial products, such as paints, cosmetics, foods, pharmaceutical products, clothing and electronics for everyday use.

Class conducted at: Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

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  • Why Study at UNITEN?
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What’s special about this PhD programme

  • Industrial scientists perform research and development work with a commercial focus in fields like agriculture, food science, environmental science, earth science, pharmaceutical science, engineering and technology.
  • Industrial science is that crucial science that powers the modernized, intelligent production methods of today.
  • The integral part this particular science plays in product creation.

Feature Highlights

  • Class: Weekend class
  • Accreditation: Accredited by MQA, MOHE and KPT
  • Assessment: Research Based
Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

You can obtain a Doctorate Degree, with minimal disruption to your work and family life.
Classes are held on weekends so you are free to spend the rest of your week working or resting.
PhD graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Why choose UNITEN’s PhD?

  • Familiarize students on contemporary issues including the fast pace of technological change, the nature of modern sciences and associated industries.
  • Prepare students for successful careers in industrial and applied sciences both in the private and public sectors, and to provide for personal development and professional competence.
  • Provide adequate practical training in laboratory to make graduates immediately employable locally and internationally.
  • Provide a sufficient exposure to proper environment to gain experience for professional growth, to be conscious of the protection of environment and to contribute and participate to the development efforts of the country.

Award & Recognition

  • The Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige
  • Asia-Pacific Business Excellence Standard Award
  • International Standard Quality Award (ISQ) 2011 for Quality College and Universities
  • The Brandlaureate 2010-2011 Best Brand in Tertiary Education – Engineering
  • Malaysia Business Leadership Awards 2010 Education & Training: Private Sector
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Industry Excellence 2009
  • Quality Management Excellence Award (QMEA) in Industry Excellence Awards 2009
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PhD in Industrial Science awarded by Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)


In the world of the increasing technological complexity, the knowledge of basic and industrial science is a gateway to the pursuit of many fields, though necessary and essential, the availability of capital by itself is not sufficient enough to automatically enhance socio-economic development.

Industrial Science is the driving force behind product production. It is this science that is employed by production companies in order to develop, adapt, and produce a product for the consumer market. In addition to laboratory work, Ph.D. candidates have a heavy class load and must also develop and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Programme Modules

Key Research Area
All research areas of Electrical/Electronic Engineering and specialize sub areas:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Automation and embedded computing system, Signal Processing and Control Systems, Communications Systems and Networks, Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering, System and Machine Intelligence, Photonics Technologies, Micro and Nano Engineering, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Power System Analysis, Power Quality, High Voltage Systems.

Mechanical Engineering
Automotive, Mechanical Design & Mechanics, Robotics and Mechatronics, Control and Automation, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Thermal System and Energy, Advanced Materials, Advanced Nuclear Technology, Sea to Space.

Civil Engineering
Construction materials science and engineering, Environmental and wastewater engineering, Geotechnical and geological engineering, Water resources engineering, Structural engineering, Highway and transportation Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Project Management.

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Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a unique institution, providing ​academic programmes within our two campuses, Putrajaya Campus and Muadzam Shah Campus​​.​ Our programmes are focused on Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management and related areas. ​​UNITEN not only prepare its graduates to become knowledgeable and competent p​​​​rofessionals, but also t​o develop them as well-rounded individuals with broad intellectual outlook.​ ​​

Uniten Departments and Centres

Teaching and Learning Centre
Support services for teaching staff to promote and enhance the quality of teaching in UNITEN.

Training and learning support programs to students in order to promote academic excellence and to facilitate the development of generic skills to assist the university in producing competent, creative and versatile professional.

Professional development for teaching staff on matters related to the enhancement of teaching and learning, research and dissemination of current information on teaching and learning, the evaluation of teaching and learning, the use of information technology in teaching, as well as, student personal enrichment and empowerment.

Facility Development & Management Department
Covers a wide range of functions which includes building operations & maintenance, environmental management, development of properties, purchasing of assets, provision of building services and securing tenancy as well as collection of rentals. Additional scope would also include rental of facilities, fleet management and asset management.

The efficiency of providing services and the maintenance of these facilities within University Tenaga Nasional enhances and promotes smooth operation of this learning institution and increases its reputation to the general public.

Being one of the leading and growing private learning institutions in the country, University Tenaga Nasional needs a property management service department that is responsive and expeditious in providing for the needs of the learning facilities. The Department also needs to be efficient in maintaining these facilities well and always in preparedness to ensure usability at any time when and where the facilities are required.

Educational Goals
In fulfilling our aspirations to become a global energy university, we uphold the following educational goals:

  • To inculcate strong fundamental knowledge, scholarly attainment and technical competence in the students' respective disciplines.
  • To inculcate advanced knowledge and learning experience amongst the university community through research and innovation that will best serve human society.
  • To inculcate professionalism, leadership, ethics and continual self-development amongst the university community.
  • To inculcate the apprecition of social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of a professional and the application of sustainable development.

UNITEN Philosophy

  • Enhance human values
    We are committed to being an organisation wherein all staff are strongly motivated, have ample opportunities for advancement and work with pride and confidence.
  • Promote harmony and cultural sensitivity
    We promote a positive and friendly culture with a greater understanding and respect for one another, irrespective of race or religion.
  • Advance intellectualism through knowledge, leadership and spirituality
    We are committed to a value–based leadership to energise skills and knowledge and foster spiritual values and beliefs.
  • Revere knowledge
    We recognise the importance of knowledge for success and continued growth.
  • Strive towards world class excellence
    We acknowledge excellence in education and are determined to be among the best.

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Student Testimonials

Uniten is one of the most established private universities in Malaysia. The university offers quality programmes and state-of–theart facilities. I love studying here because it has a conducive, multicultural and exciting environment and it is like a “ home away from home”. The programme that I am doing sharpens my analytical and management skills. The fundamentals are strong yet the approach is global and current. To me, this is important in succeeding in the real world.

Abbod Naseb Altamimi

Abbod Naseb AltamimiPostgraduate (MBA)

Studying in UNITEN is my first dream. I used to hear about this university form friends and now I finally achieved my goal. The university provides a lot of good facilities and gives fees reduction for postgraduate students. I love UNITEN.


MohiPostgraduate (Electrical Engineering)

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Why Study PhD at UNITEN?

UNITEN Teaching and Learning Policy

  • UNITEN provides rich and stimulating teaching and learning environment.
  • Staff are committed to use best practices in line with current education trends to achieve academic excellence at UNITEN.
  • Students are engaged in broad and balanced learning experience through a curriculum that complies with the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF) and other regulatory bodies.
  • Academic programmes at UNITEN shall adopt OBE pproach as much as reasonably practicable, based on the guidelines and/or requirements of its governing and accreditation bodies.

Blended Learning & Flipped Teaching - BLFT
BLFT is the latest teaching and learning approach that UNITEN employs to deliver knowledge to its students. Through the combination of blended learning and flipped teaching, students can access learning materials such as slides and videos, do exercise, quizzes or other learning activities through UNITEN's Learning Management System (LMS). In the classroom portion, new material will be presented and opportunities provided for students to apply and practice knowledge and skills they had learned in the online portion.

Subject Knowledge and Skills Enhancements
SukSes@CONFIRM is an in-house on;ine application developed to enhance the students' knowledge and skills for university level courses Learning comprises of three levels, Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the classroom, lecturers impart knowledge to the students. Skills are gained through problems/exercise on the subject. Attitudes attained once the students have mastered the knowledge and developed proficient skills.

Students Activities Online Reporting System of UNITEN
SCORUN is a merit system that compliment students in extracurricular activities ther than academic. Students need to collect SCORUN point to enable them to graduate. Tare 5 categories to be fulfilled:

  • Communication and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Intellectual
  • Spiritual and Civilization
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Art and Culture

Read the full institution profile at: Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

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Entry Requirements

  • Masters in the relevant domain ; or
  • Masters in a related domain with 2 year experience in the domain, including at least 2 publications in the domain;
  • Bachelor degree holder with CGPA 3.67 from recognized university and registered for Master program (structure A) for 6 months to 1 year (full time) or 1 to 2 years (part time) can apply for conversion to PhD subject to assessments and approval.

Payment Plan Options

Official Course Fee: RM 4,750 (Exclusive all the following fees as stated below)

Registration Fees (Payable Once): RM 830
Caution Deposit (Payable Once): RM 300
Student Card (Payable Once): RM 80
Library Fee (Per Semester): RM 260
Service Fee (Per Semester): RM 260
Student's Activity Fee (Per Semester): RM 260
Medical Insurance (Per Year): RM 130
Examination Fee: RM 2,500

Instalment Plan Breakdown:

  • 1st Sem: RM 1,188
  • 2nd Sem: RM 1,188
  • 3rd Sem: RM 1,188
  • 4th Sem: RM 1,188
    Total: RM 4,750

Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.

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Additional information

Awarding Body

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Campus Location



24-84 months

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Weekend Class

Schedule System

Semester System


Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Class Size

15-30 Students




Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Yes – Accredited


Research Project


100% Research

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available (4 Installments)