Course - MUST Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management @ Kota Damansara

MUST Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management @ Kota Damansara

Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management education is an essential ingredient in today’s high-tech industries. Industries believe that there is a growing need for engineering and management training in complex systems that have many interdependent parts and significant organizational and/or societal impact. Increasingly, business requires that engineers be trained to be good managers and leaders.

Likewise, business managers need a better understanding of technology and how to run large, multifaceted engineering projects. This industry input is one of the reasons of creation the Systems Engineering and Management master’s degrees and certificate programs at The Malaysia University of Science and Technology.

Class conducted at: Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) 

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What’s special about this MSc programme

Accredited Programme

Master of Science in System Engineering and Management features both technical and human-centred courses. The curriculum provides knowledge and skills to design, develop and manage complex projects requiring wide-ranging scientific and business competencies for students.

The programme designed to meet the demand of the industry as it develop future leaders and nurture them to become good managers.

Affiliated Professional Training Programmes
Students can enrol in professional training courses by MUST Graduate School.

Academic Pathways
Once completed, students can pursue Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

Networking opportunities
At business school, you’ll interact closely with talented individuals from all over the globe, which enhances the experience by exposing you to different business practices, cultures and points of view.

Feature Highlights

  • Class: Friday and Saturday (Twice per week)
  • Accreditation: Accredited by MQA, MOHE and KPT
  • Assessment: Coursework Based + Written Examinations (Structure C by Coursework and Project Paper)
Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

You can obtain a Masters Degree, with minimal disruption to your work and family life.
Classes are held on Friday and Saturday so you can spend the rest of your time working or resting.
Masters graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Why choose MUST’s MSc?

  • Systems Engineering and Management features both technical and human-centred courses.
  • The curriculum provides knowledge and skills to design, develop and manage complex projects requiring wide-ranging scientific and business competencies for students.
  • Graduates with a MSc in Systems Engineering and Management find positions as systems engineers, systems managers, systems engineering managers, program managers, project managers, directors of systems engineering and more in a wide range of industries.
  • World Class Program

Award & Recognition

  • 4 star rating for training provider by HRDF
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Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management awarded by Malaysia University of Science and Technology


The Master of Science in System Engineering and Management (SEM) is an interdisciplinary unit that integrates social sciences, engineering, and management to advance the theories, methods, and practice of complex social-technical systems. In collaboration with the industry, SEM studies real and complex challenges in product design, development, and innovation, production technology and manufacturing systems, as well as supply chain management and logistics.

The Master of Science in SEM program is offered to graduates with academic and research interest in modeling, designing, and managing of systems problems for sustainable development. Currently the mode of study is by Coursework and Thesis (Structure B), and by Coursework (Structure C), for full-time on campus and part-time candidates.

Career Opportunities
The MSc. in SEM degree also allows specialization in several industries prominent in the information assurance and cyber security: telecom and information technology networks; healthcare systems; enterprise system; energy resources infrastructure; transportation; retail and consumer goods; and financial services.

Some positions that require education the SEM programme provides include:

  • System Project Manager for various engineering (automotive, oil and gas, Power, Construction etc)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Strategy Officer, Information Officer, Security Officer
  • Reseach and development manager, system engineering manager
  • Academics

Graduate Option and International Pathway
Graduates have the opportunities to purse PhD in Management by research at MUST or other local or international universities.

Programme Modules

This Curriculum emphasis on the fate and transport of pollutants, energy conversion, sustainable energy, Waste & waste water treatment and management. The research areas in this program comprises of the following:

Core Subjects

  • Waste Management and Waste Minimization
  • Waste Recovery
  • Environmental Awareness and Education
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE)
  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy
  • Green Business and Strategies
  • Environmental Law and Policies

Elective Subjects

  • Electricity and Natural gas (Issues in Regulations and Economic)
  • Hazardous Waste management

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Malaysia University of Science and Technology

In 1995, the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and a delegation  from Malaysia made a working visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  and endorsed the establishment of a university modelled after MIT.

An agreement was signed in January 1997 to establish the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST). In its formative years,  MUST was fully assisted and supported by MIT, a world-renowned university noted for its education and research in advanced science and technology.

MUST emulates MIT’s method of teaching and learning which encourages creativity,  analytical thinking, problem-solving, innovation and team-building. These are qualities that have been proven to be successful in producing entrepreneurial leadership in technology and business.

MUST also nurtures a research-driven culture in all fields of expertise to ensure depth of understanding and confidence in facing practical problems.

The MIT model has been the impetus of the MUST culture that is vibrant, innovative and purposive to our local environment. Located at the heart of Kota Damansara,  Malaysia University of Science and Technology embarks on its journey to become the favourable university for postgraduate studies.

The University held colloquium every year for postgraduate students so they will have better exposure as an academician. A part from that, the students will also be exposed to webinars, discussion on forums and blogs.

The students also obtain new opportunities and career paths through research project and dissertation and industry based projects guided by field experts.

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Student Testimonials

For me, I feel that the programme is good for those who have the ambition to pursue their education but with time constrain. Personally I love this programme because it is convenient for working adults like me who lives in outside of Klang Valley, and working 8 to 5, have children and can manage the online class and online assignments, plus the materials n the lecturers are well versed in their subject matters, congratulation to MUST for successfully conducted the programme successfully.

Ms Raj Nesha Begam

Ms Raj Nesha BegamProfessional Master in Business Administration

Lecturer Testimonials

High quality of Knowledge is the core of all activities at MUST, By implementing this philosophy in the execution of all its endeavours, MUST aims to inspire its academic community towards teaching and research excellence and ultimately towards the material and spiritual betterment of society.

Dr. Amir Fateh

Dr. Amir FatehAssociate Professor

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Why Study MSc at MUST?

World Class Faculty
Our faculty includes international academics at the forefront of their field as well as experienced industry professionals.

Flipped Classroom
Blending learning inside and outside the classroom Flipped learning reverses the traditional classroom approach to teaching and learning. It moves direct instruction into the learner’s own space. The classroom becomes a space for dynamic, interactive learning where the teacher guides and coaches students to apply concepts they have learned online.

Event Based Learning
Event-based learning runs over a few hours or days and creates a memorable sense of occasion. The time-bounded nature of an event encourages people to learn together, its local setting supports face to face encounters between amateurs and experts, and the scale of an event can provide access to resources that would otherwise prove inaccessible.

Technology-Enhanced Event-Based Learning
Technology-enhanced event-based learning offers opportunities for participation, collaboration and distributed expertise. These events not only have the potential to engage millions of people in memorable learning experiences, but can also make significant additions to the body of knowledge available to us as a society.

Read the full institution profile at: Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)

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Entry Requirements

  • Applications will be evaluated by the Dean of the School of Science and Engineering or a designated officer in charge of the program before accepted for admission.
  • Applications are required to have an accredited Bachelor degree in Engineering or a related field or in Business Administration with industrial experience.
  • Preference is given to applications with CGPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4 point scale) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized university.
  • In special circumstances applicants who have relevant work experience in an appropriate field with a Bachelor degree with a CGPA lower than 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) may be considered for admission.
  • Applicants with a CGPA of lower than 3.0 and without work experience may be considered for admission to Structure C (by Coursework).

Language Proficiency

  • Test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL) at a score of 550 or higher is required; or
  • International English Language Testing Services (IELTS), a minimum overall band score of 6.0; or
  • Malaysian University English Test (MUET) with a band score of 4; or
  • Provide proof of English proficiency as evaluated by MUST.

Payment Plan Options

Local Students
Official Course Fee: RM 30,000

Instalment Plan Breakdown:
Registration Fee: RM 300
Resource Fees (per year): RM 500

  • 1st Sem: RM 10,000
  • 2nd Sem: RM 10,000
  • 3rd Sem: RM 10,000
    Total: RM 30,800

International Students
Admission Fee:

  • Registration Fee: USD 80
  • Resource Fee (yearly): USD 130
  • International Student Fee: USD 780
  • Security Bond: Varies between the country

Language Course

  • Course Fee: USD 620
  • Test: USD 200
  • Practise Test: USD 110
    Total Fee: USD 940

Instalment Plan Breakdown:

  • 1st Sem : USD 2,900
  • 2nd Sem: USD 2,900
  • 3rd Sem: USD 2,700
    Total: USD 8,500

Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.

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Additional information

Awarding Body

Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Campus Location



18 Months, 30 Months

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time, Weekday Class

Schedule System

Semester System


Mar, Jul, Sep

Class Size

20-25 Students


Locally, Oversea


Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Yes – Accredited


5 Core Subjects + 6 Elective Subjects + 1 Project Paper


50% Coursework & 50% Written Examination

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available (3 Installments)