Course - Monash University, AUS Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) @ Subang Jaya

Monash University, AUS Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) @ Subang Jaya

The Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) is designed for working engineers and engineering graduates with an ambition to lead.


Here, you will learn to shape the future with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable world.


Addressing the pertinent demands in sustainable energy development, the course guides you to greater applicable knowledge in this area of specialisation and to succeed in complex problem solving methods.

Class conducted in: Monash University

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  • Why Monash University's MBA?
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What’s special about this programme

  • Monash University Malaysia commands a distinguished position in the field of engineering education.
  • Our School is anchored by academic staff who actively engage in inter-disciplinary advanced engineering research to address national priorities, such as energy and sustainability, green electronics, nanomaterials, biotechnology, automation and manufacturing.
  • The excellent teaching and learning environment at Monash Malaysia is set against a multi-cultural and international environment.
  • Staff and students represent diverse nationalities, offering you a global approach to higher learning right here in Malaysia.

Feature Highlights

  • Class: Weekend & Evening Classes
  • Accreditation: Accredited by MQA, JPA & MOHE
  • Assessment: 50% Coursework & 50% Written Examination
Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

You can obtain a Masters Degree, with minimal disruption to your work and family life.
Classes are held on weekends and evenings so you can spend the rest of your time working or resting.
Masters graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Reasons to choose Monash Master of Advanced Engineering

  • Employ energy and sustainability based techniques to solve complex problems, design engineering solutions, and evaluate potential designs to identify optimal solutions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of team dynamics and leadership, and function effectively as an individual and in diverse engineering teams.
  • Employ energy and sustainability techniques into all phases of engineering project work, including business planning and financial management.
  • Select and apply appropriate resources and modern engineering tools to systematically manage systems and progress knowledge.

Award & Recognition

Group of 8
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Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) awarded by Monash University
KPT/JPT (N/520/7/0075) (MQA/SWA0796) 05/20


This Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) programme will enable students to acquire an advanced understanding in energy and sustainability and the ability to develop solutions to complex engineering problems.

Students will study core units in engineering leadership and engineering analysis to strengthen their abilities in critical reasoning, innovation and strategic thinking as well as to apply advanced energy and sustainability based knowledge in an engineering context.

This program offers a research pathway option as an alternative route for students to progress from a coursework master’s program into a PhD program.

Programme Modules

Core Subjects

  • Advanced Engineering Data Analysis
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship

Major Subjects

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Principles and Practices for Sustainable Development

Elective Subjects

  • Environmental and Air Pollution Control
  • Smart Grids
  • Minor Project

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Monash University

Monash University is named after engineer, military leader and public administrator Sir John Monash, Monash University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1958. When our first students began their studies at our foundation campus in Clayton in 1961, we became the first university established in the state of Victoria in over 100 years.

Early Years
The early vision was to create a research-focused tertiary institution with an emphasis on science and technology. As Monash has always done, though, we quickly moved beyond the bounds of expectation. Free from tradition and convention, we were within just a few years of our first intake of a mere 347 students, offering courses in arts, economics, education, engineering, law, medicine, politics and science.

Creativity, Innovation and Activism
The focus on research excellence remained, but what grew around it was a culture of creativity, innovation and irreverence. In the 1970s the foundation campus at Clayton became the centre for student protest in Australia, and this philosophy of challenging the status quo permeated the University. It remains to this day, although where once it was the Vietnam war and second-wave feminism that occupied activists' attention, today it is global poverty and sustainability, among many other causes. This position of leadership was not only confined to campaigning and advocacy, however, and Monash had soon become the model for a new generation of Australian universities.

The growth from technology / science specialists to general university was rapid. It was accelerated by a merger with Chisholm Institute in 1990, which saw the Caulfield and Peninsula campuses become a part of the University. A year later the Victorian College of Pharmacy entered into a partnership with Monash that allowed us to bring Parkville into our portfolio of campuses. The growth continued apace with the establishment of a new campus within the south-eastern growth corridor of Melbourne in 1994 - our Berwick campus.

International Expansion
In 1998, the Malaysian Ministry of Education invited Monash to set up a campus in Malaysia in collaboration with the Sunway Group. Monash University Malaysia was established in the same year, the first Monash campus outside Australia and the first "foreign" university in Malaysia. A second off-shore campus was opened in South Africa in 2001. Since 2014, Monash South Africa has not operated as a full campus of Monash University but remains a location where Monash University degrees are delivered, along with qualifications unique to this location.

Group of Eight
To underscore the reputation that the University had earned, in 1999 we were invited to be a founding member of the Group of Eight, the coalition of Australia's most prestigious research-intensive universities. Monash had been around for just four decades, and yet was demonstrably holding its own against universities that had had well over a century to establish themselves.

From a single campus at Clayton with fewer than 400 students, Monash has grown into a network of campuses, education centres and partnerships spanning the globe. With approximately 60,000 students (and 250,000 almuni) from over 170 countries, we are today Australia's largest university. The University now offers a broad selection of courses within 10 faculties: Art, Design and Architecture; Arts; Business and Economic; Education; Engineering; Information Technology; Law; Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences; Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Science.

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Student Testimonials

I wanted to pursue MIB as I realised that being a science student, business was very foreign to me. I didn’t understand business concepts and how the real world works. I was even struggling to understand the value of money. It was also a slow realisation for me that the working world is far more complicated, and to survive, it’s better to be equipped with some business knowledge. Thus, began my MIB journey. I chose Monash to pursue my higher degree because I was already familiar with the university. Besides that, Monash is a very good university in terms of its ranking among other universities.

Melody Ang Xing Yuen

Melody Ang Xing YuenMedical Bioscience graduate, Best graduate of Master of International Business

For my Master's degree, Monash has set a strong foundation for me to venture into the IT industry. I came from a business and communication background and had limited knowledge of Information Technology. Studying MBIS has taught me the foundation and concepts of IT, and helped to expose me to vast topics and issues surrounding the IT industry. This has helped me a lot in the working world as I am now already farmiliar with the basic concepts and issues pertaining to the technology that I will be working on, which then helps to accelerate my learning to be an expert for that particular technology. The MBIS qualification has helped a lot in terms of recognition. It helped to open up career paths especially towards large multinational corporations, as they are very keen to hire excellent graduates with a reputable Master's qualification.

Brian Chye Yeong Thean

Brian Chye Yeong TheanApplication Integration and Middleware Solutions Specialist, IBM Malaysia

Without doubt, Monash has top reputation and prestige for its quality education and trusted brand. As a part-time student, the campus’ strategic location in Sunway being near to my home also helped with my decision. After researching and assessing several options, the University’s prestige, brand, and campus location stood out – it was a straightforward decision. I’ve been very impressed with the teaching staff in Monash as all lecturers that I’ve encountered possess not only extensive qualifications but also the breadth of experience. Delivery and execution of lectures, handling of assignments and exams were as expected from a top Australian university. Facilities in the campus were adequate and constantly improving such as parking spaces, sports facilities, and organisation of student activities. The wholesome learning from the MIB course in Monash will aid my career aspiration of eventually being involved with oil and gas commercial and business development areas. MIB’s focus on multilensed global issues trained students in recognising signposts, foresighting, and scenario planning, all of which are important elements in international business. My aspired pathway shall lead me to deal with many international and cross-cultural engagements and my Monash education will undoubtedly apply.

Charles Tan Ian Kun

Charles Tan Ian KunWork with a Fortune Global 500 company

Connecting young and dynamic individuals who think alike; creating new ideas that will turn KL into one of the world’s top start-up hubs in 10 years – a similar model I used in Taylor’s College in 1994.

Stefani Chandra

Stefani ChandraBest graduate of Master of International Business (2017)

In terms of knowledge and skills, it has honed my critical thinking and analysis skills, and with the abundance of opportunities available for me to take on during my study, it has really helped in shaping my personal and professional growth, reassuring me with what I envision as my future career.

Camelia Harahap

Camelia HarahapProgram Manager, British Council

Monash was my selling point! Having Monash on my resume clearly had a strong impact and my hiring manager also confirmed this. It is a MUST to consider obtaining a Master’s degree from a well reputed international university such as Monash. This will surely prepare you to face the challenges of work life in the future. With the world being a global village and industries being closely related to each other, a degree like Master of International Business or Master of Business Administration is ideal. It gives me a wide career choice (e.g. marketing, market research, finance, economics, business, entrepreneurship) with a well-rounded international knowledge that is needed in today’s competitive environment.

Sakina Mannan

Sakina MannanResearch Executive in Millward Brown, Dubai


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Why Monash University's Master of Communications and Media Studies?

Monash University Malaysia is a full-fledged campus of Monash University - a premier research-intensive Australian university ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight (Go8). Established in 1998, Monash Malaysia is the first foreign university campus in Malaysia that operates in partnership with the Sunway Education Group.

Monash University Malaysia is one of Malaysia’s most respected universities. We are Monash University’s global foot print in the Asian region. From humble beginnings, Monash Malaysia has grown in stature, and is now recognized as a leader in the international higher education sector in Malaysia. As a self-accrediting University, we attract students not just from Malaysia, but from all over the world. Since our inception, Monash Malaysia has built a reputation for quality, credibility and integrity, and is held in high esteem by our students, alumni, industry and government. We encourage critical thinking to help discover new ideas, reveal new perspectives and devise solutions. We maintain a long and proud tradition of excellence in education, combined with liberal values of enquiry, providing a fertile environment for bright young minds to flourish, and life-long opportunities for those wishing to enhance their education and career.


Monash University is one of the world’s leading international education institutions. Established in Melbourne, Australia, just 50 years ago, Monash has quickly developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in education. Monash has an extensive global reach. It was the first foreign university to establish a campus in Malaysia. Courses at Monash University Malaysia are accredited in Malaysia and in Australia. This ensures a flexible and supported education that is locally relevant and internationally accepted. Our outstanding schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, business, engineering, information technology, medicine and health sciences, pharmacy and science.

The Monash Approach
A Monash University education will teach you to think differently and give you the confidence to meet life’s challenges. You will learn from top academics, be encouraged to contribute your ideas, and develop leadership skills.

About Our Campus
The Monash University Malaysia was set up in Malaysia in 1998. Growing quickly from just a few hundred students, it now has approximately 7,500 students from 70 countries and a purpose-built, state-of-the-art campus completed in 2007. Sunway City is a bustling township that has gained a reputation as a hub for higher education. It offers a vibrant, secure and friendly student environment that reflects the uniqueness and diversity of living in Malaysia.

Excellence In Education
Monash consistently ranks among the top one per cent of world universities and is one of Australia's most prestigious. We attract and retain talented staff, who are dedicated to academic excellence. Our degrees are highly respected by employers and prepare you to work all over the world.

Global Network & Links
At Monash, you join a global community and become a global student. We have an international network of campuses in Malaysia, Australia and South Africa, joint campuses in China and India and a study centre in Italy. We also have a deep partnership with Warwick University in the UK and links to more than 115 partner universities around the world. These global connections make Monash Malaysia especially popular with students from international universities and other Monash campuses, creating a rich cultural experience for all our students.

Library Collection
Monash University Malaysia users have access to over 100,000 print and media items including:

  • 89,000 monographs / books
  • 3,500 serials and newspapers
  • 8,200 multimedia collections

Online Resources
Monash University Malaysia staff and students have access to Monash University Australia library’s comprehensive online resources encompassing over 1,300 online databases, 140,000 e-journals and 660,000 e-books.

Computing Facilities
Computer workstations, mobile devices and a variety of software are available throughout the Library and Learning Commons.


The School of Business has a reputation for research excellence across a diverse range of areas. As a leader in business analytics, the school has an international focus and strong links to industry. Our alumni network numbers over 250,000 and our students graduate job-ready for the knowledge economy. Degrees offered in the School are recognised by prestigious international organisations including Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and more.

Developing Future Global Business Leaders
The business programs at Monash University Malaysia are accredited by the prestigious AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). The award affirms Monash’s distinction as a leading global provider in business education.

Read the full institution profile at:  Monash University

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Entry Requirements

  • Minimum average of 70% in a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree from a recognised tertiary institution, or
  • Minimum average of 65% in a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree from a recognised tertiary institution with 5 years of relevant working experience. A Curriculum Vitae and a 300-word Statement of Purpose is required. A phone interview may be requested, or
  • Minimum average of 70% in a 3-year Bachelor of Engineering degree from a recognised tertiary institution with 2 years of relevant working experience, and
  • Having fulfilled Monash University’s English language proficiency entry requirements.

Payment Plan Options

Course Fees: RM 48,000 (Can pay by Semester Installments and exclusive of the following fess below):
Application Fees (Once-only fees): RM 100
Registration Fees (Once-only fees): RM 200
General Amenities (Per-semester fee): RM 100
Total Fees: RM 48,000

Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.

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Additional information

Awarding Body

Monash University

Campus Location

Subang Jaya


12 Months, 24 Months

Mode of Study

Evening Class, Full-Time, Part-Time, Weekend Class

Schedule System

Semester System


Feb, Jul

Class Size

15-25 Students


Locally, Oversea


Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Yes – Accredited


2 Core Subjects + 4 Major Subjects + 3 Elective Subjects


50% Coursework & 50% Written Examination

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available (4 Installments)