Course - MMU Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Management @ Cyberjaya

MMU Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Management @ Cyberjaya

This Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Management programme takes the concepts from sustainability and synthesizes them with the concepts of management. From this definition, sustainable management has been created to be defined as the application of sustainable practices in the categories of businesses, agriculture, society, environment, and personal life by managing them in a way that will benefit current generations and future generations.

Class conducted at: Multimedia University (MMU)

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What’s special about this MSc programme

Sustainable management is needed because it is an important part of the ability to successfully maintain the quality of life.

  • The practices of a business should be sustainable if they wish to stay in businesses, because if the business is unsustainable, then by the definition of sustainability they will cease to be able to be in competition.
  • Communities are in a need of sustainable management, because if the community is to prosper, then the management must be sustainable.
  • Sustainable management can be applied to many things, as it can be applied as a literal and an abstract concept. Meaning, depending on what they are applied to the meaning of what it is can change.

Feature Highlights

Class: Weekends class (Part-Time), Weekdays class (Full-Time)
Coursework Based + Written Examinations

Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

Choose between a full-time program for faster completion or part-time program to work while studying.
The low course fee is affordable to a wide range of students regardless of background.
MSc graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Why choose MMU’s MSc?

A manager is a person that is held responsible for the planning of things that will benefit the situation that they are controlling. To be a manager of sustainability, one needs to be a manager that can control issues and plan solutions that will be sustainable, so that what they put into place will be able to continue for future generations.

The job of a sustainable manager is like other management positions, but additionally they have to manage systems so that they are able to support and sustain themselves. Whether it is a person that is a manager of groups, business, family, communities, organizations, agriculture, or the environment, they can all use sustainable management to improve their productivity, environment, and atmosphere, among other things.

Award & Recognition

  • QS World University Rankings by Subject
  • 6th Asia’s Education Excellence Awards
  • MMU Researcher Gained Recognition as Top Research Scientists Malaysia
  • FOE Excellent Works Earn Multiple Accolades from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Master of Science in Sustainable Systems Management awarded by Multimedia University


The MSc in Sustainable Systems Management is a master programme by coursework and final year project.
For taught subjects, various instructional approaches, such as pair/group work, presentations, and/or discussions that constitute part of the coursework, propagate students’ actual participations for their learning.

For the dissertation project, students are required to work hands-on in a specific area of research topics to solve the problems involved. The project can be related to industrial applications and it typically includes analysis, computation, design, fabrication, innovation, research & development work, and laboratory experimentation, or a combination. The students are expected to take active responsibility in ensuring the project be completed within the given timeline.

The core business subjects focus on various aspects of managing successful businesses, whilst the core technology subjects expose the students on the importance of technology, innovations and management of operations. The three elective subjects on technology introduce the students to the specific area of energy management, monitoring and auditing.

Two subjects, namely the Energy Management in the Industry and Energy Monitoring and Auditing are common to postgraduate students doing MEEE. The unique subject of Environmental Compliance and Audit takes the students a step towards understanding energy sustainability and its importance to the environment.

In this module, students will be introduced to all aspects sustainable environment to prepare them for the real world challenges, whilst the university subject (Research Methodology) provides student with a systematic approach to conduct a research-based project, to pave the way for continuous learning. In the MSc project module, the students are to work hands-on in a specific area of research related to industrial applications. The students will discuss related project with supervisor and accomplish the objective of the project involved.


Programme Modules

Business Subjects

  • Organizational Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Economics for Managers
  • Strategic Management

Operations/Technologies Subjects

  • Operations Management
  • Technology Management and Innovation
  • Energy Management in Industry
  • Energy Monitoring and Auditing
  • Environmental Compliance and Audit

University Subjects

  • Research Methodology
  • Project

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Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, in an Engineering or Engineering Technology field or a related field from MMU or institutions recognised by Senate; or
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent not meeting CGPA of 2.50, in a related field from MMU or institutions recognised by Senate, can be accepted subject to a minimum of five (5) years working experience in relevant field.

English Language Requirement

In addition to the academic requirements, an applicant is also required to possess a sufficient level of English language proficiency by obtaining one of the following:

  • Minimum overall TOEFL score of 550 (paper based) or 80 (internet based); or
  • Minimum IELTS (academic) overall band score of 6.0; or
  • Credit in 1119 English Examination; or
  • Minimum score of 134 in Multimedia University's English Language Proficiency Test; or
  • Minimum MUET overall band score of 4; or
  • Any other qualification which is of equivalent level as determined by the Senate of the University.

All applicants must fulfill the English Language requirement in order to be admitted to the approved programme.

The English language requirement and English interview is waived for the candidates who are natives of and/or have completed their Bachelor’s or Master's degrees from countries that use English as the medium of instruction as well as the first language.


Payment Plan Options

Official Course Fee: RM 21,300 (Exclusive Registration and Associated Fee + University Resource Fee + Project Fee)

Registration and Associated Fee: RM 1,550
University Resource Fee: RM 1,000*
Project Fee: RM 2,800

*University Resource Fee depends on the year of enrolling (RM 1,000/year)

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Would you like to receive a Payment Plan? Request it now!

Additional information

Awarding Body

Multimedia University

Campus Location



12 Months, 24 Months

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time, Weekday Class, Weekend Class

Schedule System

Modular System


Jun, Oct

Class Size

10-12 Students




Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Not Accredited


5 Core Business Subjects + 2 Core Technology Subjects + 3 Elective Technology Subjects + 1 University Subject + 1 Final Year Project


60% Coursework & 40% Written Examination

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available