Course - KDU Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering @ Shah Alam

KDU Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering @ Shah Alam

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering programme provides innovative training which enhances professional knowledge in a specialisation area and develops a wide range of advanced transferable skills, ensuring the development of high calibre graduates.


Class conducted in: KDU University College

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  • Description
  • Course Profile
  • Awarding Body
  • Student & Alumni Testimonials
  • Why KDU University College's Ph.D?
  • Entry Requirements & Payment Plan
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What’s special about this Ph.D programme

  • As a research-based programme, students would be trained to critically analyse a problem, design a solution (or make a discovery) and implement the solution. In that process, students would collaborate and innovate.
  • With partnering overseas institutions, enabling research students to experience overseas exposure such as exchanging research findings and ideas, culture, working ethics, and many other exciting adventures.
  • This Ph.D. programme is tailored to students’ choices of specialisation and thus it is encouraging for students who wish to have higher freedom in their choice of studies, as well as flexibility in terms of time management.

Feature Highlights

  • Class: Students will be assigned a supervisor and no classes for this programme
  • Accreditation: Provisionally Accredited
  • Assessment: Research Based
Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

Fully research courses features a more independent curriculum as you drive new progress in your respective field.
Research students will be assigned a supervisor to be consulted instead of having to attend classes.
Ph.D graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Why choose KDU University College’s Ph.D?

  • The nature of the programme ensures that students develop academically in their professional capability, intellectual creativity, innovation, scientific skill sets and become an independent researcher.
  • Could enhance their personal attributes through personal confidence, leadership traits, communication and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Graduating with a Ph.D. signifies a contribution of the graduate to the community of engineering scholars around the world.

Award & Recognition


  • Pioneer batch of American Credit Transfer programme students transfer to various universities across the United States.
  • New schools within the college was formed and more programmes were offered.
  • First in the nation to run the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course on a full-time basis.
  • Introduced the first overseas twinning programme in partnership with Middlesex Polytechnic (Middlesex University).


  • Awarded Silver for the Education & Learning category in the inaugural Putra Brand Awards 2010.
  • Awarded the ‘University College’ status.
  • KDU University College is an ISO 9001:2008 and MSC certified institution.
  • All programmes offered are approved by the Ministry of Education and 88.1% of its programmes are MQA-accredited.


  • MQA-Accredited Programmes
  • MSC Status Company
  • ISO Certified for Quality
  • China Embassy Accreditation
  • MOHE & Kementerian Dalam Negeri Permit For Foreign Students Enrolment
  • Government-Sponsored Students from Petronas, JPA, MARA, Sime Darby

2016 / 2017

  • The Brandlaureate
  • Most sustainable Brand Award

2016 – 2017 for Brand Excellence

  • Education – Private University College Category
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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering awarded by KDU University College
KPT/JPS (PA/8691) 11/21


This Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering programme is designed to specifically fit the busy and hectic schedule of working professionals who wish to work and study simultaneously as it allows flexible study arrangement. The skills learned in the programme are beneficial to practices in the marketplace as well as the academic field. Students who are highly independent in learning, committed to excel, and ambitious in their career progressions are strongly recommended for this programme.

Programme Structure

Research Proposal
Students will systematically structure and develop their research by developing a research proposal, which would guide the student through the entire research process.

Proposal Defence
A presentation session chaired by KDU with invited panel of examiners to ensure the candidate is able to articulate their research ideas and plans, as well as having the necessary skills to carry out research activities as proposed.

Upon the approval of the research proposal, under the guidance of their supervisors, student will work independently on their research projects.

Upon completion of their research, students will document the research project and process in a thesis. Typically, thesis for PHD should not be more than 80,000 words.

Viva Voce
Upon completion of research and thesis, candidate will undergo an oral presentation, chaired by experts in the field.

Programme Modules

Research Areas

  • Engineering research field areas.

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KDU University College

KDU, an institution that has over 32 years of history and experience, believes in providing real world education to meet real world needs, and has traditionally, been successful in producing competent graduates and preparing students for top universities all over the world.

Established in 1983, and a pioneer in Malaysian private education, KDU was one of the first private colleges in Malaysia to have its own purpose-built campus. The institution, as KDU College then, was awarded the university college status in 2010 – a reflection of its quality programmes, and the growth of its international student population.

KDU University College and KDU College are members of Paramount Education, a fully-integrated education services provider for primary, secondary, tertiary, and postgraduate level studies as well as executive and professional development programmes.



  • Kolej Damansara Utama (as it was first known) opened for enrolment and welcomed its first batch of students. Offered courses such as GCE A-Level, STP and US Pre-University courses and the American Credit Transfer program.


  • Pioneer batch of American Credit Transfer program students transfer to various universities across the United States.
  • First in the nation to run the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course on a full-time basis.
  • Introduced the first overseas twinning programme in partnership with Middlesex Polytechnic (Middlesex University).


  • Established the Penang Campus to cater to the higher education needs of aspiring youths in the northern region.


  • Awarded the ‘University College’ status.


  • Moved to its flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie.


  • The premier learning organisation that sparks curiosity, inspires success and promotes responsibility.


  • We inspire students and staff to lead, share and serve.
  •  We create a community in which learning, teaching, research and publication are encouraged, enabled and enjoyed.
  • We encourage critical thinking, independent learning and creative problem-solving.
  • We nurture individuals to be ethical and responsible citizens.
  • We share our success with stakeholders and the community we serve.

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Student & Alumni Testimonials

My experience at KDU University College has truly been remarkable. Being an international student, I did not find it hard to adapt here because of the tremendous support from the staff, lecturers and the people I met while studying here. I like the hands-on approach of the courses and direct interaction with lecturers, which took my learning beyond theory. It equipped me to carry out various tasks, and offered me the best grounding for the path I am about to take. My advice to students - don’t to be afraid of venturing out and exploring all the opportunities. Be open to all the possibilities, and focus your energy only on good and positive things.

Anastasiya Kiselyova

Anastasiya KiselyovaBachelor of Communication (Hons)

My education experience here at KDU University College is filled with unique perspectives, opportunities and events. Student life here is simply amazing. Education I received here taught me more than knowledge extracted from books. I’ve also picked up soft skills that is essential in grooming me for this evolving industry. Plus, as an international student, studying in Malaysia has been great; there’s always something new to explore in terms of the culture and heritage, and everyone is always eager to help and make you feel at home.

Zaeem Ul-Hassan

Zaeem Ul-HassanBachelor of Business (Hons)

Here in KDU, we’re like a big family. Lecturers and staff at KDU work closely with the students, which allows everyone to form friendship bonds. The education provided in KDU is of unwavering quality and this is acknowledged by not only the alumni, but industry players as well. For these reasons, I will always be proud of being a KDU student.

Yousuf Alam

Yousuf AlamBachelor of Accounting

Mr. Raymond Tham is no stranger to pastry. Despite graduating with honours in Business Administration in the UK and hospitality management in KDU Malaysia, Raymond’s passion in pastry led him to a scholarship to one of the world’s renowned culinary institute.

Raymond shared of his apprenticeship and working experience in England for 5 years which enabled him to develop vast skills in the art of patisserie. One of this key milestones was to create desserts for the wedding reception of Mr. Tom Parker Bowles, food writer and son of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Amongst the many achievements such as becoming the Senior Chef-De-Partie with Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda, Chef Raymond decided to moved back home to Malaysia. He continued his professional journey in KDU University College and took up the challenge of teaching patisseries, chocolate and confections for 3 years. He won medals for KDU University College (Bronze & Silver medal Showpieces in FHA & HOFEXO). Chef Raymond assumed the position of Technical Advisor at Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific, which main responsibilities included conducting demonstrations and hands-on training for gourmet brands such as Cacao Barry, Callebaut, Sicao and Selbourne. Chef Raymond is the chef patron of Skillet@163 in Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur.

Within less than 2 years, Skillet had won a few accolades to name a few the best European 2015 by Timeout KL and Best independent restaurant 2016 by Expatriate lifestyle, Top 10 restaurant ranking in tripadvisor among 3000 restaurant around KL.

Raymond Tham

Raymond ThamMBA in hospitality management

I was always passionate about cooking and curious about what goes behind the scenes at the kitchen of a restaurant ever since I was a little girl. My culinary dreams brought me to KDU and throughout my studies, I was living my dream on a daily basis, amazed at how even simple practical classes made me feel like I was working in a real restaurant.
There isn’t a single thing about my experience in KDU that I would change; the quality of education I received and the supportive environment I am makes for an invaluable experience in my life.

Mehreen Hassan

Mehreen HassanBachelor of Culinary Management (Hons)

An opportunity to study overseas is a great pleasure. From the beginning, my classmates have been very friendly and helpful, assisting me with adapting to my new life in Malaysia. Fitting in is never easy but with their help, I don’t feel like a stranger in this new place.

The classes are challenging and fun where it promotes critical thinking and exposes me to the real working world. On top of that, KDU is a green campus, never lacking in natural lighting and breeze with great facilities. The library is very spacious allowing discussion at the noisy area and the quiet area for those who are studying. The cafeteria has varieties of food and is affordable. It is very convenient for an international student like me.

KDU University College offers me an opportunity not just to get another education, but to build a lifetime of experience.

Mathukanya Mahathorn

Mathukanya MahathornBachelor of Computer Science (Hons), Specialization in Networking


Why KDU University College's Ph.D?

Pursuing a postgraduate degree makes a real difference, and is an ideal investment in reaching the career pathway of one’s choice, be it to take the next step in their career or to learn and contribute to their field of expertise.

With a postgraduate degree, students not only gain specialist knowledge in the field of their study, but also further develop vital skills such as time management, researching, presentation and writing skills. This, inevitably, helps students to face challenges of sustainability in an increasingly complex work environment that demands new knowledge, skills and expertise. It prepares them to compete for the future, in terms of new ideas, innovation and relevance, and paves the way for a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Real-World Learning With Industry Expert
At KDU, our programmes are designed with the industry’s needs in minds and are taught by faculty members who are industry experts.

Enhanced Learning Facilities
Purpose-built learning environment at special learning rooms, with a lounge for postgraduate students.

Flexible Study Arrangement
The postgraduate programmes at KDU offers students flexibility in study arrangement (part time and full time). For postgraduate studies by research, students can choose to complete their studies in up to 4 years. As such, the programmes are suitable for those who wish to work and obtain a postgraduate degree simultaneously.

Read the full institution profile at:  KDU University College

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Entry Requirements

Entry Level

  • Master Degree

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Completion of Master’s Degree or equivalent in a related field.

English Requirement

Local Student

  • Credit (SPM / 1119 / UEC / O Levels Examination) / Min. score of Band 4 in MUET.

International Student

  • Band 5.5 in IELTS; or a score of 196 (computer-based) or 69 (internet-based); or 525 (paper-based) in TOEFL.

Payment Plan Options

Original Course Fee: RM 17,700 (Inclusive Tuition, Registration, Resource, Caution and Exam fees)

Instalment Plan Breakdown:

  • 1st Sem: RM 5,300
  • 2nd Sem: RM 3,800
  • 3rd Sem: RM 3,800
  • 4th Sem: RM 4,800
    Total : RM 17,700

Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.

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Additional information

Awarding Body

KDU University College

Campus Location

Shah Alam


36 Months, 72 Months

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time

Schedule System

Semester System


Jan, May, Sep

Class Size

5-10 Students




Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Yes – Provisionally Accredited


Engineering Field of Research Areas


100% Research

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available (9 Installment)