Course - Asia Pacific University PhD in Engineering @ APU Kuala Lumpur

Asia Pacific University PhD in Engineering @ APU Kuala Lumpur

The PhD in Engineering keeps you updated with the latest developments in the field of engineering and cultivates research competitiveness to cater to social needs. It also serves as a platform for innovation and creation and provides professionals in-depth knowledge of Engineering, thus shaping the ability to solve research and engineering problems effectively.


Class conducted at: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

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  • Description
  • Course Profile
  • Entry Requirements & Payment Plan
  • Additional information


What’s special about this PhD programme

  • With the guidance from experienced academic team throughout the programme and well thought out curriculum, students will master for more advanced analytical thinking skills and be well prepared to take on new challenges relevant to the industry.
  • Students will be equipped with the tools and skills to solve complex industrial problems.
  • Better research collaboration between the academia and industry will be the outcome of the programme.

Feature Highlights

  • Class: Students will be assigned a supervisor and no classes for this programme
  • Accreditation: Provisionally Accredited by MQA, MOHE and KPT
  • Assessment: Research Based
Size of Class
  •  Rated by STUDYMASTERS Consultants 

You can obtain a PhD with minimal disruption to your work and family life.
Research students will be assigned a supervisor to be consulted instead of having to attend classes.
MBA graduates are well equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge to head their organisations or drive their business to the next level.

Why choose APU’s PhD?

The engineering programme seeks to produce graduates who will:

  • Be able to excel in professional careers across a broad range of industries.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired through both liberal arts & sciences and engineering curricula to positively contribute to their profession and society.
  • Assume positions of responsibility and/or leadership in academia, industry, government, and business.

Award & Recognition

  • 1 Silver Award for the Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2017
  • Gold Medal for International Intellectual Exposition 2017
  • Gold Medal for Science and Engineering Design Exhibition Cum Competition (SEDEX) 2016
  • Silver Award for Invention & Innovation Competition for Private Institutions of Higher Learning(PERINTIS) 2016
  • Distinction Award for ‘Software Program Design and Development’ 2015

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Still not sure? Request more info from consultant now!

PhD in Engineering Awarded by Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia
KPT/JPS (N520/8/0072) (MQA/PA6113) 04/20

A PhD in engineering signifies an expert in the field of engineering. Usually PhD professionals decide to commit their careers to research or teaching. International students who choose to obtain a doctoral degree in engineering are expected to perform research that is both excellent and creative, while also bringing up new concepts or problems within the engineering community.

Thus, the responsibility of a PhD graduate in engineering is to move the industry forward in a new direction. Pursuing a PhD is beneficial to international students looking to further their education and put themselves ahead of the average graduate.

Application Process
Ideally, student works with potential supervisors to develop proposal. PhD programme are intended to produce expert researchers in the field.

Career Option

  • Working in some sort of research role: whether it is at a lab, university, or a specific center that specializes in an engineering project.
  • Teaching at a college. Engineering professors are expected are to publish new research each academic year, while teaching students in a variety of classes. These professors often also teach graduate section courses and even take on potential PhD candidates as advisees.
  • Depending on their exact discipline, many engineering students go on to open their own business as an entrepreneur. The skills learned in an advanced programme allow students to tackle their own research goals and open businesses focusing on technology and engineering.

Programme Modules

Field of Research

Subject to the expertise within the School of Engineering, the areas of research include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Electronics
  • Data Analytics
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Compression
  • User Interfaces
  • Content-Based Retrieval
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Engineering Materials
  • Silicon Nanoelectronics
  • Nanofabrication Technologies
  • Single Electron Transistors
  • Quantum Computation
  • Radiation Detectors
  • Optics Fiber/Wireless Communication
  • Infrared Remote Sensing Technology
  • Wireless and Mobile Systems
  • Active Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID)
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Antenna Design
  • Ultra Wideband Applications
  • Electromagnetic Sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Speech Technology (Recognition and Synthesis)
  • Image Processing
  • Biomedical Applications in Engineering
  • Image Segmentation

*Students with no prior Research Methods or Dissertation at Masters level are to enroll in the Research Methods (Masters module) to fill the gaps in research skills.

*Entry by Full Research Masters or Masters with minimum 30% research component with a formal taught research module. (Fast Track).

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Would you like to get a Programme Booklet? Request it now!

Entry Requirements

  • A Masters degree in a related field accepted by the APU Senate.
  • Other qualifications equivalent to a Masters degree that are accepted by the APU Senate.
  • Minimum English language requirements of IELTS 6.5.

Payment Plan Options

Official Course Fee: RM 45,000

Option 1 - Full-Time Study Mode
Full Payment: RM 45,000
Yearly Payment: RM 15,600 x 3 Years
Instalment Plan Breakdown: RM 23,000 x 2 Years / RM 15,600 x 3 years
Additional Year Fees: RM 7,500 per year - Applicable from the start of the 4th year onwards from commencement of course.

Option 2 - Part-Time Study Mode
Full Payment: RM 45,000
Yearly Payment: RM 9,550 x 5 Years
Instalment Plan Breakdown: RM 15,600 x 3 Years
Additional Year Fees: RM 5,500 per year - Applicable from the start of the 6th year onwards from commencement of course.

Important: For complete Fee Schedule - latest intake & latest course fee. Kindly request from our STUDYMASTERS.MY consultant.

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Would you like to receive a Payment Plan? Request it now!

Additional information

Awarding Body

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Campus Location

Kuala Lumpur


24-60 Months, 36-72 Months

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time

Schedule System

Semester System


Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Class Size

5-20 Students


Locally, Oversea


Conducted in Malaysia

MQA Accredited

Yes – Provisionally Accredited


8 Major Field of Research Areas


100% Research

EPF Withdrawal

Yes, Available

Installment Plan

Yes, Available (5 Installments)


10% discount is given to students who get CGPA at least 3.20 in their undergraduate studies

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